Nick Poh Division – Testimonial Received

Sam Lim
Senior Group District Director
Propnex Realty Pte Ltd
Head of POC Division 

Nick Poh is a fun-loving & easy going person, but come to work yet is no nonsense. He will go the extra mile to help anyone if required without any conditions. He has also won himself many accolades in his career.
 Nick about new lauches or resale investment & you will receive well inform decisions before setting the direction.
Nick is responsible to his clients & their transactions. He ensures no mistakes made in any on the process.
I am sure anyone who appoints him in a transaction can soundly leave it in his good hands. He has also attracted many of his peers to join him as a salesperson because of his sincere personality. 

Simon Lum
Associate Group Division Director
Propnex Project IC / ACTA Certified Trainer
Mentor/Partner of Nick Poh

Nick Poh is a young, not-yet-40 years old Real Estate Sales Professional who have won several accolades during his 12 years career in this field.
Well versed in all areas of Singapore Real Estate, Nick was able to provide sound and prudent property investment options for his clients in the Resale Market.
With a burning desire to be a more effective salesperson, Nick have also ventured into 2 areas for the past couple of years, which include New Project Launches and Overseas Launches.
Outstanding performances over the years have propel him to eventually take on leadership role and currently he is a PropNex Project In-charge and managing a portfolios of New Singapore/Overseas Property Launches.
With a willing and selfless heart to impact his accumulated skills and knowledge over the years, he have jointly built up with his partner Simon Lum a sales force of more than 120 Salesperson within a short span of 3 years.
Undoubtedly, a Formidable Force to be reckoned with..
PropNex POC (Super) Division !!

Rodney Tan
Associate Team Director

Propnex Project IC / ACTA Certified Trainer

Nick Poh Division is the place where i grow to what i am today, a team manager and a Project Leader in charge of several projects.
If you desire to be a TOP salesperson, a TOP manager, this is the place for you.
Nick is a good and caring division director as well as a diligent Project Leader, who looks after his associates and cares for his people. He is well-versed in all sectors of the industry including HDB, Private and commercial properties.
Nick is the right person to guide you for your career.  

Jenny Lum
Associate Team Director
Propnex Project Group Leader

I joined Nick Poh Division as a full time Real Estate Agent in the year 2011. I gave up my full time job in trade finance, was lost and did not know which direction I should take next? I am not an out-spoken person and I do not have large customers' base. Nick advise and shows me how to get myself started. He suggested that I should start with both new projects marketing and HDB resale transaction. 
I am a slow learner, and likes to kept asking the same question over and over again. However, Nick will patiently repeat the answer to my question and guide me along.
When I encounter any difficulties or problems, Nick and my buddies at Nick Poh Division will always be there for me. Most importantly, I enjoyed the flexible working hours, and my current yearly income doubled as compare to my full time job in trade finance. For those agent who is feeling lost, and do not know what to do next, i believe our division have a solution for you. 
Joining Nick Poh Division have also given me the opportunity to be the Group Leader in PropNex Project Marketing for The Glades at Tanah Merah and Kingsford Waterbay at Upper Serangoon View. Thank you Nick Poh Division for the time and support for the past few years.