PropNex Dinner & Dance 2016 – SuperDiv In Action

This year, many of our SuperDiv agents participated in PropNex Dinner & Dance 2016. Our theme for this year is Warriors and Fighters. See how our agents dressed up for this year event. This year, our agents including myself also formed up two teams to perform on stage. The “Sam Seng Fighters” from the committee team (myself) as well as the “Dynamic 19” Team (Cynthia Tan and Serene Khng).

PropNex Dinner and Dance 2016 (nick poh division)

Performance By Sam Seng Fighters

They say I look better with mask. So end up, I can only act as the character, Vega. They also say I talk too much. So punish me by only let me shout out “扁他” in the performance.

Performance By Dynamic 19

Can you all recognise our Cynthia Tan and Serene Khng in action? Well done ladies!

PropNex Dinner & Dance 2016 – SuperDiv In Action 

PropNex Dinner & Dance 2016 – Getting Ready For Performance

PropNex Dinner & Dance 2016 – Sam Seng Fighers In Action

This year Our Division have lots of Fun at PropNex Annual Dinner and Dance 2016.
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