PropNex Dinner and Dance 2016 – Sam Seng Fighters

PropNex Sam Seng Fighers – The committee members have lots of fun yesterday night at PropNex Annual Dinner and Dance 2016. I am truly grateful to all our teammates for making our event a success.

After few weeks of training and preparing for our costumes, we finally manage to dress up and perform on stage as the Sam Seng Fighters. Well done everybody!

PropNex - Sam Seng Fighers Group Photo - Nick Poh Division

Performance By The Sam Seng Fighters

Sam Seng Fighers – Preparing For Event

Our Blanka (Desmond Koh) feels so good to be service by the two Poh Brothers, Nick Poh and Daniel Poh. Figher Sagat busy tying his own hands and legs, and Cammy, still too shy to start painting her face.

Sam Seng Fighers – We Are Ready

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